Enervee's Marketplace is the world's most advanced marketplace solution for utilities looking to engage their customers in all energy-smart decisions.

Energy Efficiency Solution

There are marketplaces. And there is Marketplace.

The Enervee Products Choice Engine® is proven to nudge your customers to a more efficient purchase with 10k+ products, efficiency ratings, total cost of ownership, price shopping, and more.

"The Con Edison Marketplace ... makes it easy for our customers to compare and buy products that help them cut their energy usage and save money ... Enervee's technology and expertise are helping us meet our goals."
Con Edison Marketplace
Cristina Coltro
Manager Demonstration Projects Con Edison
California Energy Commission logo
“The key to becoming more energy efficient is helping people understand how making the initial investment benefits them. Plug loads are a key area where we lack solutions. A marketplace, like Enervee, can provide data on what influences consumer’s shopping choices.”
Andrew McAllister
Commissioner of the California Energy Commission
“Marketplaces that provide consumers with energy efficiency scores for appliances, most prominently those supported by the IOUs, have a track record of success. Continuous support and expansion of such programs will result in more achievable savings from the growing plug-load demand.”
2019 California Energy Efficiency Action Plan

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