August 13, 2020

Utility Customers Save with Personalized Offers from Enervee and Oracle

AI-driven insights help match customers with energy and money-saving home appliances and devices.

Utility Customers Save with Personalized Offers from Enervee and Oracle

DATELINE, August 13, 2020 – Enervee and Oracle are teaming to help utility customers make more energy-efficient choices. Interpreting energy data from Oracle Utilities Opower Customer Engagement Platform, the Enervee SmartChoice AI interface will serve up a smarter, personalized online marketplace experience to millions of households. Customers will get the tips they need to make purchase decisions that will save both energy and money over the long-term, whether they are shopping for an efficient washing machine, a smart thermostat, or thousands of other products for the home. 

“We are excited about pioneering this innovation with Oracle Utilities Opower,” said Matthias Kurwig, Enervee’s CEO. “The Enervee SmartChoice AI combines the Opower data about the user’s home and energy use with insights from the Enervee Choice Engine, analyzing tens of thousands of products daily. The result: instantly actionable efficiency for all.”

The Enervee dynamic engagement connection interface, Enervee SmartChoice AI, enhances a utility’s Enervee Marketplace platform to create an AI-powered on-demand, personal shopping journey. The result is a personalized curation of energy efficient product choices and recommendations for direct purchase by consumers. Utilizing energy consumption data across 60 million households, Opower will enable Enervee to deliver the most complete, end-to-end customer journey in the utility industry. 

“We work with Enervee because its utility marketplace offers the broadest product coverage of any provider in the market,” said Scott Neuman, GVP of Oracle Utilities Opower. “Together, we can deliver a more holistic and personalized customer experience that supports energy efficient appliance choice as well as electric vehicle adoption.”

Enervee is a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

AI-Driven, Personalized Offers

Enervee SmartChoice AI makes use of dozens of unique utility usage variables in real-time (now supported by Opower data), including household energy consumption, location, dwelling type, dwelling size, and occupants. The result is a personalized curation of product recommendations for direct purchase.

The experience is further enhanced and personalized by Enervee’s Next Best Action AI Algorithm, which optimizes the ongoing customer journey.  This feature calculates the best next engagement based upon a multitude of variables and automatically executes personalized interactions with the customer. This includes post-purchase “thank you” emails featuring use tips, installation services or cross-references to relevant utility programs.  And it enables automated and highly personalized digital retargeting of non-purchasers.

Together, Enervee and Opower will help utilities deliver measurable efficiency results at scale: cost-effective energy savings for both the utility and the customer, high customer satisfaction scores, and higher online store revenue. When combined with Enervee’s Demand Response Pre-enrollment module for both Thermostats and EV Chargers, the value of efficient product purchases can be increased further.

Utility online marketplaces featuring Enervee's Choice Engine® technology inject actionable energy information into the shopping journey, with a view to eliminating barriers and closing the attitude-behavior gap. Novel design elements, proven to drive more efficient choices, include the Enervee Score®, a relative, zero to 100 energy efficiency index assigned to each product model, and personalized estimates of bill savings (YOUSAVE®) and total cost of ownership (CLEARCOST®). The Enervee and Opower experience includes:

Oracle Utilities Opower Customer Engagement Platform features:

  • Dynamic Campaigns: Tools to rapidly curate targeted marketing across paper, email, and online channels and drive adoption of utility programs and products—such as connected home devices—at up to a 61 percent higher rate than traditional and digital advertising.
  • EasyOpen: Personalized links and QR codes that reduce the engagement barrier in both paper and digital channels. Because Opower enables customers to access personalized online content without logging in, customers are 5x more likely to complete a customer journey with the EasyOpen experience.
  • Appliance and Electric Vehicle Detection and Disaggregation: Machine learning powered by 1.5 trillion meter reads enables insights and recommendations to be more deeply personalized to how a customer uses energy within the home.  

Enervee Marketplace Platform features:

  • Enervee Choice Engine: Makes energy efficiency of consumer products visible and accessible. For the first time, the market for efficiency is active; consumers can finally choose to make the most energy-smart decisions.
  • Enervee SmartChoice AI Module: Embedded data transmission enables the on-demand creation of unique selling points and product assortments customized to the individual consumer.
  • Enervee Online Store: A unique online store platform for Utility consumers to compare and make direct purchases, claim rebates, and take advantage of instant savings of energy efficient products in partnership with retailers.
  • Enervee Demand Response Pre-Enrollment and Rebate Modules: A complete solution for Utilities and Smart Energy devices manufacturers. In combination with the Enervee Online Store, customers can enroll eligible devices at the time of purchase and automatically activate once installed in Utility DER programs.

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ENERVEE: Founded in 2010. Enervee is built on one single number, the Enervee Score®. Updated daily, it allows every consumer to see the relative energy efficiency of what they're about to buy - from appliances and electronics, to smart home devices and cars. With a simple 0-100 rating, the Enervee Score has been proven to influence decisions at scale and finally makes energy efficiency visible. Organizations across the US and Europe use Enervee's suite of applications and services to engage consumers, save energy and transform markets.

With Enervee, utility companies are able to deliver greater energy savings for lower costs, delight their customers and open up opportunities for new revenue streams. Manufacturers are finally able to market their category-leading products on their efficiency credentials. For retailers, energy programs are now seamless to incorporate and add real value for their shoppers. And for governments, monitoring, compliance and policy input have become more targeted and agile.

At Enervee, we're working to build a future where every individual sees the full potential in making an energy-smart choice, and every organization sees the full potential in offering that choice.

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