Your future energy efficient ecommerce platform.

With rebates and incentives disappearing, Enervee has a new solution for achieving product efficiency savings. Enervee Commerce is proven to nudge shoppers to buy significantly more efficient appliances across more than 40 product categories.
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Efficient appliances with the Enervee Score

The better way to buy appliances.

Eco Financing fills gaps in EE programs by overcoming key barriers to buying efficient products. When combined with our other solutions, Eco Financing helps customers by eliminating the first-cost hurdle and covering installation and haul-away services for select products.
  • Purchases as low as $200
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Financing costs offset by energy savings
  • No disconnections
Eco Financing

Highly scalable DR pre-enroll.

Enervee Commerce has a natively integrated, fully personalized DR program enrollment feature that has produced pre-enrollment rates as high as 97%.
Smart thermostat

Plug-in to the smart way for buying an EV.

Enervee Cars engages all car shoppers and promotes the benefits of electric vehicles. It’s proven to increase the share of EV buyers from less than 10% to over 30%.
Electric vehicle

Savings are heating up.

Enervee's water heater solution helps you hit your savings and electrification goals, offering your customers a turnkey solution for replacing gas and electric with heat pumps and top efficient models, incl. installation, haul-away and financing.
Efficient water heater

Advancing energy equity.

Enervee program results:
of purchases financed
70% low- and moderate-income
26% of loans to renters
51% to credit score <640
Effective without rebates

APS pre-enrolls 97% of thermostat sales in DR.

"The main driver was our marketplace provider, a company called Enervee. We instituted demand-response pre-enrollment so customers could have a more seamless experience when they visited the APS Marketplace online where they could automatically enroll at the point of purchase. As a result, we saw tremendous uptake. In the first year, we sold about forty thousand thermostats through the marketplace at a rate of ninety-seven percent pre-enrollment, so that's tremendously successful."

Kerri Carnes, Manager of Product Development and Strategies, APS
APS Marketplace

SoCalGas customers love Eco Financing.

"Enervee's partnership has made our goal of expanding our efficiency programs to more SoCalGas customers a success. We worked with Enervee to pilot their first-of-its-kind Eco Financing program that allowed our customers to buy new efficient appliances with no money down and low interest rates. Eco Financing's inclusive credit requirements also allowed us to reach historically underserved customers, like low-to-moderate-income customers and renters. All while improving customer satisfaction and reducing our customers' energy use and utility bills."

Darren Hanway, Manager of Energy Programs & Strategy, SoCalGas
SoCalGas Marketplace

AEP Ohio maximizes customer satisfaction using Enervee.

"Enervee powers our Marketplace and makes buying efficient products the easy choice for our customers. And with tools like the Enervee Score, Eco Financing, and carbon neutral shipping, we're able to engage more customers and help to reduce utility bills for those who need it most."

Julie Volpe-Walker, Engineering Principal, AEP Ohio

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Enervee operates the only energy efficient ecommerce platform, proven to drive energy savings, customer engangement and demand response at new scale.
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