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Laarni Canoy8/2/19 12:00 AM1 min read

1.2 million customers, 2 million visits!

It was not that long ago that San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) announced that their online choice engine platform, the SDG&E Marketplace, had attracted 1 million visits…

And this month, the utility announced that the 2 million visitor milestone had been surpassed. For a utility with 1.2 million residential customers, that’s no small feat!


According to SDG&E’s announcement, Alex Kim (Director of Customer Programs) said: “This exciting milestone is an indicator of our customers’ growing interest in energy-wise products…”

He also pointed out that the platform is well aligned with SDG&E’s Customer Services’ mission to “Make it Easy for our customers, by connecting them with relevant energy offerings through a user-friendly online tool.”

Designed with a mobile first mindset – and with a goal of making markets work better for consumers – “the SDG&E Marketplace allows shoppers to easily compare prices; receive customized, automated price drop alerts; estimate energy savings; review product features; and read product reviews.”

While traffic is important, SDG&E also highlighted concrete engagement and energy outcomes achieved by the platform, operated by Enervee. Since launch, “…more than 25,000 rebates have been processed through the website, putting more than $1.5 million back in the pockets of customers.”

The SDG&E Marketplace has also proven to be a versatile engagement platform, from sweepstakes to time-limited special offers. According to SDG&E: “Last year, Marketplace launched a nonprofit donation feature that engages customers to help us direct donations to select local nonprofits through the Marketplace rebate process. Each time a rebate is approved, we make a donation to a customer’s selected charity on their behalf. Over the past year, we donated $22,000 to three nonprofits…”

Enervee is thrilled that the SDG&E Marketplace has attracted 2 million visitors and is helping so many Californians make better energy-related buying decisions – and we look forward to continued success in partnership with SDG&E.