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Super powered.

Harness the power of Enervee's utility marketplace to elevate your programs. Enhance your digital customer engagement and seamlessly scale energy efficiency, demand response, and electrification initiatives.

Energy efficiency. Elevated.

Revolutionize your utility energy efficiency programs with Enervee. Seamlessly woven into your current platform, our marketplace delivers a tailored customer experience focused on smarter energy decisions. Utilize data analytics and AI to pinpoint savings opportunities that resonate with your customers. From instant rebates and customized kits to personalized energy insights, Enervee makes energy efficiency effortless and engaging. Drive program participation, elevate customer satisfaction, and hit your sustainability goals—all through one intuitive platform.


Demand response. Perfected.

Grow demand response capacity with pre-enrollment so seamless it boasts a 97% participation rate. Guide customers through an intuitive shopping landscape that covers thermostats to EV chargers and beyond. Our platform effortlessly delivers enrollment data to key DR operators like EnergyHub and Resideo. With proven digital marketing strategies, we ensure maximum participation is not just a goal—it’s a guarantee.
Every model. DR-enabled.
Enable your customers to explore a full range of DR-enabled models, simplifying their choice and boosting your demand response program's reach.
Instant Rebates. Amplified.

Leverage our platform to offer dynamically stacked instant rebates, incentivizing customer participation while elevating your demand response initiatives.

Checkout to DR. Streamlined.

Streamline the customer journey with an easy checkout process that auto-enrolls in demand response programs, effortless for both you and your customers.

APS pre-enrolls 97% of thermostat sales in demand response.

“The main driver was our marketplace provider, a company called Enervee. We instituted demand-response pre-enrollment so customers could have a more seamless experience when they visited the APS Marketplace online where they could automatically enroll at the point of purchase. As a result, we saw tremendous uptake. In the first year, we sold about forty thousand thermostats through the marketplace at a rate of ninety-seven percent pre-enrollment, so that's tremendously successful.”
APS Logo
Keri CarnesDirector, Customer to Grid Solutions at APS

The future is electrifying.

Make the switch to electric appliances, including heat pump technologies, effortless for all communities. Deliver instant, dynamically-stacked rebates that incentivize smarter choices. Combine incentives from federal, state and local governments, as well as utility programs and partner discounts. With rigorous data capture and reporting, we ensure all program and regulatory requirements. Because the future of energy is electric, and we make it easier to reach.


Equity. Realized.

Transform the way you support income-constrained and disadvantaged communities. Our inclusive, mobile-first platform scales your equity impact to unprecedented heights. By integrating personalized rebates and Eco Financing into our online marketplace experience, we remove financial barriers and pave the way for equal access to energy efficiency, demand response and electrification – one purchase at a time.

Eco Financing. Unlocked.

Enable those who lack disposable income or have poor credit to optimize energy efficiency and electrify. By harnessing private lending capital and public Loan Loss Reserves, we reduce credit requirements, lower interest rates and extend the loan repayment period – resulting in affordable monthly payments. Proven effective, our approach engages everyone, including renters and income-constrained customers in their quest for more sustainable living.


Rebates. Reimagined with AI.

We've been innovating in the digital rebates space since 2014. Our platform delivers a user journey tailored for every scenario, consistently earning top customer ratings. New AI-powered OCR technology automates the process, making custom data capture and reporting even more efficient. And with our customer care team at your service, fulfilling rebate claims has never been smoother.


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