January 9, 2018

52 million homes can now save energy for free with Enervee Marketplace

Enervee delivers 164% residential customer growth and increases its client base by 30% in 2017 with its suite of energy efficient buying applications

Written by
Kyle S.

Enervee closes out 2017 with 46.7 million residential electric and 5.7 million gas customers across the US and Europe benefitting from its platform to deliver energy efficient buying choices. Clients include Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Con Edison and Électricité de France.

Matthias Kurwig (Co-Founder & CEO, Enervee): “Our mission is to change the way we all buy when it comes to energy, and we’re proud to be already delivering our services to over 15% of US residential electric customers and 13% of the EU-28 market. In 2017 alone, we’ve influenced over 2.5 million purchases — that’s 2.5 million moments to deliver energy savings year after year, simply by choosing better products to begin with.”

Underpinning the platform is the Enervee Data and Decision Engine, which processes over a million product offers daily and holds over 180 million product attributes. This allows Enervee to rank every product and appliance in the market with its unique Enervee Score, making the market for energy efficiency transparent, simple and engaging for consumers.

As 2017 comes to a close, over 90% of residential electric customers in California, as well as 5.7 million gas-only customers, enjoy access to online Marketplaces powered by Enervee, and the unique value of the platform for achieving the State’s ambitious energy and climate policy goals is widely recognized. Andrew McAllister, California Energy Commissioner:

“The key to becoming more energy efficient is helping people understand how making the initial investment benefits them. Plug loads are a key area where we lack solutions. A marketplace, like Enervee, can provide data on what influences consumers’ shopping choices.”

2017 has also seen Enervee launch a number of new services to widen the efficient buying experience for consumers across the US:

Instant online rebates — allowing shoppers to see and claim all valid rebates on highly efficient purchases, right at the point of sale.

Charge — providing retailers with enriched opportunities to feature and deliver rebates on all efficient purchases without leaving the retailer’s site.

Solar — introducing the solar argument to consumers when in the market for new appliances, demonstrating how solar can reduce bills even further, and helping the consumer all the way through the feasibility, selection and contracting stages of the process.

Matthias Kurwig (Co-Founder & CEO, Enervee):
“While 2017 has been an incredible year for us, 2018 is shaping up to be bigger still. Enervee will be launching a range of new products in areas such as automotive and in-home energy measurement, as well as adding more utilities and partners. This means even more moments where we can help millions of people easily choose the most energy efficient products and lower their electric bills for free.”

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