April 1, 2014

Are LED light bulbs really worth the extra cost?

Plus new additions to the Marketplace

Written by
Toby Welch

We know it’s been a while since we posted an update on our blog, but be assured that we have been working on a lot behind the scenes. Here’s a quick update.

First, we have just launched the category! We are very excited about adding this to the Enervee site, as if you’re not already aware, the cost of powering LED bulbs is up to 7x cheaper than standard incandescent bulbs. We are planning to add a helpful comparison on our product detail pages (see example below) to show you how the light bulb you are looking at compares to a standard model.

Second, in February we launched a new and improved which includes a brand new responsive web and mobile-enabled interface allowing you to easily narrow your product search to find the products you are most interested in. Additionally, we now track each product’s user reviews and sales enabling us to provide helpful recommendations on the Most Energy Efficient, Lowest TrueCost and Most Popular & Efficient products.

Finally, we have been very busy expanding our energy efficiency data platform to provide additional products and services for retailers.

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