February 8, 2017

Enervee Launches Marketplace 2.0

Press Release

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Kyle S.

Press release: Wednesday February 8th 2017

Enervee releases v2.0 of its innovative consumer engagement and energy saving platform, Marketplace, for US utilities. The release represents a major milestone in product development that positions Enervee Marketplace to support the growing ambitions of its utility clients with respect to the digital user experience and their relationships with their customers.

‘Marketplace 2.0 opens up a range of exciting new avenues for utilities that work with Enervee, in terms of deeper levels of customer engagement, clearer routes for energy saving and new opportunities to seamlessly deliver high value services to customers.’

— Matthias Kurwig, co-founder and CEO, Enervee.

Marketplace screenshot
Enervee's Marketplace 2.0 home page. Choose well. Buy smart. Feel good.

New consumer features within Marketplace 2.0 include:

  1. Card-based and mobile-first product details, to easily steer visitors towards the most efficient purchase options across all devices.
  2. Easy profile creation, ensuring visitors are able to get the best deal at the right moment.
  3. Interactive views of energy and cost savings potential of smarter choices — both at a personal and group level.

With Marketplace 2.0, utilities are able to:

  1. Create and deliver highly personalized offers to customers before, during and after their purchases.
  2. Originate an efficient shopping ecosystem that integrates manufacturers, retailers, and product review sites, and links them digitally to utility offers.
  3. Open up commercial opportunities to deliver enhanced services and products, including demand management, solar, extended warranties, installation services and appliance financing options.

‘We’re thrilled that with Marketplace 2.0 we can scale beyond Energy Efficiency programs into boosting digital engagement and driving a host of new and sustainable revenue streams with our clients. We are looking forward to working with all of our US utility clients to migrate them across to Marketplace 2.0, with this transition starting immediately. Enervee is committed to both changing the way we as consumers buy, and building utilities into the trusted energy advisors of the future. Marketplace 2.0 clearly demonstrates this dual commitment.’

— Kurwig:

Marketplace screenshots
Enervee's Marketplace 2.0 - search, product and Eco-view pages

2016 was an active year for Enervee, with the Californian start-up closing the year with:

  1. More than 22 million households served across the US and Europe.
  2. More than 3 million active appliance shoppers in market being addressed.
  3. More than 530,000 product offers being analyzed and presented daily on Marketplace.
  4. 17 product categories fully ranked with the Enervee Score and updated daily on the platform.
  5. Scientific proof of the effectiveness of the Enervee Score to drive significant positive changes in consumer behavior, across numerous consumer types and product groups.
  6. Recognition of utility-branded Marketplaces as a strategic market transformation initiative by the State of California.

For more Enervee results and insights, see our 2016 infographic.

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