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Enervee8/19/22 12:00 AM3 min read

Enervee NY Marketplace Launched

Enervee is thrilled to announce that the Enervee/NY Marketplace went live in July 2022. New Yorkers can now use Enervee’s online shopping platform to identify, choose and purchase clean and efficient appliances and other home technologies that will reduce energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

Enervee/NY Marketplace home page

The Enervee/NY Marketplace is partially funded through a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) under a solicitation that sought “innovative market strategies”, including low carbon solutions for disadvantaged communities. The Enervee/NY Marketplace is part of a broader, two-year project to market test offerings to equitably advance decarbonization.

NYSERDA Director of Energy and Climate Equity Chris Coll said: “To achieve New York’s climate and equity goals, we must continue to address barriers to the adoption of clean energy solutions and advance energy affordability for vulnerable New Yorkers. NYSERDA is excited to partner with Enervee to test the potential for the NY Marketplace to improve awareness of and the use of highly efficient appliances, as well as complementing NYSERDA’s traditional whole-home retrofit programs by offering another path for consumers to reduce their energy consumption.”

Whether replacing a broken refrigerator in a hurry, or researching a TV purchase for a holiday gift, New Yorkers will find what they're looking for on the Enervee/NY Marketplace. The site features tens of thousands of models across 35 categories of kitchen and laundry appliances, electronics, heating and cooling equipment, electric lawn and garden equipment, and other items like EV chargers and back-up power devices. 

Enervee’s Choice Engine serves up a zero to 100 Enervee Score on every product model – and provides personalized product recommendations, based on user preferences – so shoppers can quickly and painlessly identify the most efficient products to meet their needs.

Refrigerator product page

Qualified New Yorkers having trouble making ends meet can choose instant online Eco Financing as their payment method, instead of having to pay the full purchase price at checkout. A super-efficient $700 appliance, for example, can be paid for with fixed monthly payments under $15. NYSERDA’s new Loan Loss Reserve Program supports favorable Eco Financing APRs and loan terms, as well as making the unsecured loans available to borrowers with credit scores as low as 580. Eco Financing will be rolled out before the holiday shopping period, following a phase of baseline data collection.

The Enervee/NY Marketplace boasts a number of industry firsts:

  • Energy efficiency marketplace rolled out statewide;
  • Initially targeting underserved households (defined geographically), and supported by NYSERDA’s Loan Loss Reserve Program;
  • Integrating financing and instant rebates and testing their interaction and effectiveness.

In another industry first, Enervee and NYSERDA are testing the Enervee/NY Marketplace as an online delivery channel for the EmPower NY program. Income-qualified customers enrolled in EmPower will be directed to the online marketplace to choose their refrigerator or freezer. At checkout, they will see an EmPower credit applied to the purchase price, bringing down the total cost. In some cases, the credit will cover the full product cost; in others, there may be a co-pay due at the time of checkout. Customers will be able to select their preferred delivery date and time before purchasing. In addition, all delivery, installation and haul-away/recycling costs will be included at no cost to EmPower customers. 

Convenience, choice and affordability are expected to appeal to program participants, while NYSERDA hopes to realize operational efficiencies, scale participation and make every dollar go further, by tapping into natural replacement cycles.

Enervee’s SVP of Market Development, Anne Arquit Niederberger, who spearheaded the NYSERDA partnership, said: “Thanks to the State of New York for sharing our vision of Efficient Shopping for All and giving us the opportunity to better serve lower income New Yorkers and disadvantaged communities! We couldn’t have wished for a better partner than NYSERDA. The Agency knows how to support real innovation, and the rest of the country will be watching.”

The Enervee team looks forward to working with NYSERDA, utilities and other market actors to learn from the pilot and scale program impact going forward.

“We’re also eternally grateful to those who supported our application back in 2020,” said Dr. Arquit Niederberger. “Without their early backing, the Enervee/NY Marketplace wouldn’t be live today. Thank you!”