May 16, 2017

Enervee’s Marketplace 2.0 Platform Offers Utility Customers One-Stop Shop for Energy-Efficient Products

PG&E upgrades its customer experience with Marketplace 2.0: Press Release May 16th 2017

Written by
Kyle S.

Recently, Enervee migrated Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to version 2.0 of its consumer engagement and energy saving platform, Marketplace. Through PG&E Marketplace (, powered by Enervee, PG&E offers its customers a one-stop shop for exploring energy-saving appliances and consumer electronics.

Marketplace results
PG&E Marketplace 2.0 powered by Enervee. Choose well. Buy Smart. Feel Good.

On the newly launched site, customers can now save their searches, designate favorite products and choose to receive email alerts when the price of a product drops, or to be updated on products they are interested in. PG&E also added new products to the site including tablets, monitors, projectors, connected home devices, dishwashers and dehumidifiers.

In the 2016 Update to California’s Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan, the state highlighted energy Marketplaces as a key means of transforming markets. Marketplace 2.0 enables investor-owned utilities in California to provide customers with a platform that can support their exploration of emerging energy management technologies, as mandated by Assembly Bill 793. Marketplace 2.0 features both technologies that make use of household energy consumption data from California’s advanced metering infrastructure, as well as products that allow customers to manage energy consumption through off-site remote control and/or automation of load shifting and energy efficiency.

Marketplace results on mobile
Electric Water Heaters on the PG&E Marketplace

With Marketplace 2.0, utilities are able to:

1) Create and deliver highly personalized offers to customers before, during and after their purchases

2) Originate an efficient shopping ecosystem that integrates manufacturers, retailers, and product review sites, and links them digitally to utility offers

3) Open up commercial opportunities to deliver enhanced services and products, including demand management, solar, extended warranties, installation services and appliance financing options

Matthias Kurwig, co-founder and CEO, Enervee:

“We’re thrilled that with Marketplace 2.0 we can provide our utility clients with a platform to engage their customers effectively at scale. Enervee is committed to both changing the way we as consumers buy, and building utilities into the trusted energy advisors of the future. Marketplace 2.0 clearly demonstrates this dual commitment.”

Enhanced utility programs that fully empower residential customers to manage their energy, particularly the fast growing appliances and plug loads that drive energy consumption in the residential sector, will be essential if California is to achieve its goal of a cumulative doubling of projected statewide energy efficiency savings in electricity and natural gas end uses of retail customers by January 1, 2030.

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