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Laarni Canoy6/2/19 12:00 AM1 min read

Enervee takes Southern California Edison Cars live in SoCal

Enervee is pleased to announce that the SCE Cars Choice Engine® platform was launched on May 23rd for Southern California Edison. SCE Cars will help customers in the market for an internal combustion engine vehicle — actually shopping for their next car — discover that an EV just might be their dream car…fun to drive, clean and affordable.

Car comparison

Surveys show that, although over 60% of Californians aspire to buy vehicles that are zero emission (and 90%, economical to drive), two-thirds still can’t name a single EV model. This is discouraging in a state with the highest EV market share of new car sales (roughly 10%) and which is home to EV sales leader Tesla.

Enervee and Southern California Edison aim to change that. The utility is expanding its online choice engine offerings beyond efficient products and EV chargers to make it easier for car shoppers to understand the savings they can get by plugging in instead of gassing up.

Spanning all 2000+ gasoline/ diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid/ battery electric vehicles for the 2018/2019 model years, SCE Cars features and benefits include:

  • Side-by-side car comparisons on criteria that consumers care most about
  • The total cost to buy and fuel the vehicle, personalized to driving habits (CLEARCOST)
  • Enervee Score for Cars, our zero to 100 vehicle efficiency index
  • One-stop-shop to locate nearby public EV charger locations, request dealer offers via TRUECar and find out about available incentives. In addition to the Federal Tax Credit and California Drive Clean Rebate, Southern California Edison offers a $1000 EV rebate under the Clean Fuel Reward Program.

“Enervee’s Choice Engines make it compelling for the 90% of car shoppers still in the market to purchase a conventional combustion engine vehicle to go electric. We’ve seen this in our published research and real-world results with utility partners,“ said Matthias Kurwig, CEO Enervee.

Southern California Edison was the first utility in California to launch a vehicle choice engine platform, following on the heels of Con Edison Cars in New York and AEP Ohio Cars in the Buckeye state.

Learn more about Enervee Cars.