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We make energy efficiency actionable.

Our platform empowers utility customers to make better choices and is proven to deliver shopping behavior change at scale.


What is Enervee?

One platform, multiple solutions. No IT required. Live in weeks not months.

How does it work?

Same price, size and brand. Half the energy use.

The Enervee Score® makes energy efficiency visible. For the first time, the market for efficiency is active; consumers can finally choose to make the most energy-smart decisions.

Energy Efficiency Solution

Enervee Marketplace

Solutions to meet any need.

Energy Efficiency Solution
Energy Efficiency

Exceed energy efficiency targets

The Enervee Products Choice Engine® is proven to nudge your customers to a more efficient purchase with 10k+ products, efficiency ratings, total cost of ownership, price shopping, and more.

"The key to becoming more energy efficient is helping people understand how making the initial investment benefits them ... A marketplace, like Enervee, can provide data on what influences consumer’s shopping choices."
Con Edison Marketplace
Andrew McAllister
Commissioner of the California Energy Commission
Online Store

End-to-end online marketplace

Enervee Online Store allows you to sell efficient products to your customers with Energy Saving Instant Rebates applied at the time of purchase across multiple product categories.

Consumers can review products and offers from all major retailers, in addition to any available instant rebate products, on a single site. Incentives include low income, demand response, downstream and instant rebates.

"Now, when you're ready to buy your next appliance, you can use the Enervee's Marketplace to find the most efficient appliance available in your price range, buy the appliance for the best online price Enervee can find, and even collect any utility rebates that may apply to that purchase. All in one powerful tool."
Jennifer Amann
Online Store Solution
Electric Vehicles Solution
Electric Vehicles

Cars total cost of ownership

Enervee Cars provides comparison across all current vehicles and fuel types. Its unique ClearCost® and Enervee Score rating across all cars makes it the perfect solution to drive more EV sales with your customers.

ClearCost makes it easy to see a vehicle's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We factor in purchase price, fuel/electricity cost, and available incentives over the projected lifetime of the car.


Reduce your carbon footprint

States are focusing on CO2 reduction, citing air quality and climate change as key concerns. Our platform empowers consumers to take action while delivering tangible results to utilities and regulators.

Going Electric Solution
Customer Satisfaction Solution
Customer Satisfaction

Raise your CSAT

Our Choice Engines include fully managed customer support and instant feedback on customer satisfaction, including NPS. An available chatbot can help your customers find the right products.

Market-Based Savings

Our Market-Based Savings (MBS) programs use behavioral science to motivate your customers to choose efficient. No financial incentive necessary.

We're currently piloting MBS and accepting applicants.

Reach your audience

Reach your audience

Our digital marketing capabilities will help meet your goals by engaging your customers. We use targeted digital marketing to sell tens of thousands of energy efficient products, helping people reduce their energy consumption.

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