What is Enervee?

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A simple idea

Enervee was founded by Don Epperson and Matthias Kurwig, back in 2010. Both had found a simple question in need of a simple answer: How can you make the most energy-smart buying decisions for your home? But simple quickly becomes complicated. The answer has meant not just creating the infrastructure from scratch to source, clean and curate the right data but fundamentally rethinking how and why we buy.

Why we're here

We believe energy-smart choices must be simple, clear and engaging, for everyone. We're way past wanting to appeal to the minority of dark-green shoppers. Today, we need to engage at scale. Every consumer buying decision needs to be energy-smart.

What we do

Enervee has created a suite of software applications and services designed to drive more energy-smart buying decisions from consumers. Brought together within our energy efficiency platform, these applications and services blend data science, behavioral science and digital marketing to make the energy-smart choice the easy choice.

We've built Enervee on a unique blend of data

Market data. Product data. Energy data. Consumer data. Bringing these data sources together has allowed Enervee to build a choice engine. The choice engine goes beyond aggregating, cleaning and organizing data to aid search enquiries. We introduce new data into the process (product and consumer) to deliver better choices.

We've also built Enervee on one single number

It's true. It's called the Enervee Score®. Updated daily, it allows every consumer to see the relative energy efficiency of what they're about to buy - from appliances and electronics, to smart home devices and cars. With a simple 0-100 rating, the Enervee Score has been proven to influence decisions at scale and finally makes energy efficiency visible.

Who we are and where we're going

We're data scientists, policy advisors, behavioral scientists, engineers, marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, to name a few. We're specialists in our fields and together are convinced of the potential to combine data science, behavioral science and technology to change the way we buy.

Organizations across the US and Europe use Enervee's suite of applications and services to engage consumers, save energy and transform markets.

With Enervee, utility companies are able to deliver greater energy savings for lower costs, delight their customers and open up opportunities for new revenue streams. Manufacturers are finally able to market their category-leading products on their efficiency credentials. For retailers, energy programs are now seamless to incorporate and add real value for their shoppers. And for governments, monitoring, compliance and policy input have become more targeted and agile.

At Enervee, we're working to build a future where every individual sees the full potential in making an energy-smart choice, and every organization sees the full potential in offering that choice.

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