October 10, 2017

All the Es: Enervee, Experiments and EEDAL ‘17.

Enervee shares a range of its experimental results at EEDAL ’17 in Irvine, CA., revealing insights into how we as consumers can be engaged in energy efficiency.

Written by
Guy Champniss

In September, Enervee’s Dr. Vivian Li presented a paper authored by the Enervee Insights team at the 9th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL ’17), in Irvine, California. The event brings together the international community of stakeholders dealing with residential equipment, metering and lighting, including manufacturers, retailers, consumers, governments, utilities, international organisations and academia. Running now for twenty years, previous conferences have been convened in Florence, Naples, Turin, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Coimbra and Lucerne.

The Enervee paper brought together a number of the behavioural studies we’ve run at Enervee over the last 18 months or so. Each study has looked at testing how unique features on Enervee’s Marketplace can drive positive shifts in consumer preferences and behaviour towards more efficient purchases for the home. These unique features are the Enervee Score (a daily-updated energy efficiency score to rank every product in its category) and the Energy Calculator (a product-specific and personalisable calculator to reveal precise financial benefits of buying more efficient). The string of studies has also focused on testing how different demographics, psychographics and buying contexts influence decisions, and can be influenced by Enervee’s platform features — all to give us a more vivid and detailed picture of what it will take to move consumer behaviour en masse.

EEDAL 2017
Enervee’s Dr. Vivian Li sharing Enervee’s progress (and showing where to go in the case of a fire) at the EEDAL ’17 conference, Irvine, CA. Sept. 2017.

Whilst each of the studies run has been reported already on our blog, seeing a number of them combined into a single story makes for interesting — and encouraging — reading.

Consistently, we’re seeing the ability of two unique features of Enervee’s Marketplace — the Enervee Score and the Energy Savings Calculator — to move preferences towards better decisions. Regardless of what you earn, why you’re buying or political persuasion (yes, really), we have the levers to change behaviour en masse, and deliver energy and financial savings en masse.

You can take a look at the presentation hereand the full conference paper here.

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