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Anne Arquit Niederberger6/15/17 12:00 AM3 min read

Kenmore Integrates Enervee Charge

We’re thrilled to announce that on May 31, 2017 Kenmore became the first appliance brand to integrate Enervee’s Charge widget into its online presence.

Enervee Charge for manufacturers allows Kenmore to provide shoppers with the actionable information they need to select the most efficient Kenmore models, including the personal energy savings that each product represents, taking into account local energy rates.

The Enervee Score, a relative energy efficiency index on a zero to 100 scale, effectively encourages more efficient product choices, as we’ve previously laid out in our blog.

In addition, a utility incentive function streamlines the rebate redemption process. If a Kenmore website visitor views a model that’s eligible for a rebate from their local utility company, the Charge widget will let them know, and will offer the opportunity for the utility customer to begin the rebate claim process, just by entering their email address – all without having to interrupt their shopping journey.

Email rebate screenshot
Email with instructions on how to claim the rebate online.

This is good for shoppers, good manufacturers — and good for the planet: Shoppers get actionable energy information when and where they shop, manufacturers can differentiate themselves by making it simple for customers to make energy-smart choices and everyone wins when we stop wasting energy. The utility brand and available rebate lend credibility that the Energy Score can be trusted, while Kenmore’s marketing reach can drive greater participation.

Enervee and our utility clients are excited to have Kenmore on board, and we invite other market intermediaries to join us. According to Accenture’s New Energy Consumer 2017 companion report, ‘This Time it Gets Personal’:

“…our latest findings show that consumers are looking for energy orchestrators — those that create consumer trust and value through a network of Internet of Things (IoT) services and partners.”

The addition of Kenmore to Enervee’s partner network strengthens our growing efficient shopping ecosystem. Kenmore joins retailers (such as Appliances Connection or Goedeker’s) and publishers of product reviews (such as Digital Trends). Collectively the Enervee Charge Partners reach tens of millions of appliances shoppers per month.

Enervee Score network

Going forward, Enervee plans to feed Kenmore’s seasonal promotions into the Charge database, allowing them to be displayed automatically wherever the Enervee Charge widget is deployed by retailers and publishers of product reviews, as well as on utility-branded marketplaces.

Also coming in Q3 is the ability for Charge partners like Kenmore to recommend more efficient products than those shoppers are currently viewing, supporting their efforts to proactively pull super efficient products into the market.

Energy efficiency experts and governments have been trying for decades to entice consumers to purchase energy efficient products. Mandatory energy labels and voluntary certifications, point-of-sale displays and training of salespeople at brick-and-mortar stores, savings calculators, and education are just some of the strategies adopted. In addition, some governments provide incentives, either directly, or via energy efficiency programs overseen by utility companies.

Yet meaningful savings are still being left on the table, due to market failures.

With the Enervee Score and our Charge partners, shoppers can now see at a glance which models are most efficient and what this means for their energy bills and total cost of ownership. At US national energy prices, for example, a typical 25 cubic foot refrigerator could cost roughly $860 to operate for 10 years, while the most efficient French Door model would limit the bill to only $540 — a 37% savings.

By seamlessly linking utilities and consumer product market intermediaries, Enervee Charge ushers in a whole new era of digital, personalized, market-based behavioral nudging, aligned with consumer expectations.