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Enervee10/15/21 12:00 AM1 min read

O Canada! Enervee expands efficient shopping in North America

Enervee is pleased to announce that BC Hydro's Power Smart Shop is live!

In our first foray into the Canadian market, Enervee's efficient shopping platform was officially unveiled to 1.8 million BC Hydro households on October 15th. The online marketplace features 9 categories of laundry appliances, heating and cooling equipment, electronics, and efficient LED lighting options, spanning products powered by a mix of electricity and natural gas.

Enervee is thrilled to be operating in Canada, which is an extension of the US appliance market, as the expansion will contribute to market transformation.

The BC Hydro Power Smart Shop was designed with behavioral science insights in mind and with a view to eliminating barriers that prevent consumers from making energy-smart buying decisions. The zero to 100 Enervee Score makes it simple and compelling for customers to identify and choose the most energy efficient products that meet their needs. The closer to 100, the more energy efficient the product.

BC Hydro Power Smart Shop clothes washer recommendations

The site also makes customers aware of available rebates offered by BC Hydro, either post-purchase rebates or instant discounts available when purchasing at brick-and-mortar stores.

According to retail program manager Margo Longland [1], who championed the BC Hydro Power Smart Shop: "This site is one step on a journey of re-imagining how BC Hydro’s programs can support the needs of modern shoppers. We know that the majority of people today start their shopping journey online and we hope that our new Power Smart Shop will become an essential tool to help our customers make more efficient choices."

Canada expansion

With an initial Canadian deployment under our belt, the heavy lifting has been done, and we're eager to partner with with other Canadian entities to realize our vision of Efficient Shopping for All. Don't be shy! Get started now.


[1] Power Smart Shop makes it easy to find efficient products (October 4, 2021)