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Laarni Canoy10/1/21 12:00 AM2 min read

Enervee – Who We Are (2021 Edition)

It’s been awhile since we last shared a portrait of the Enervee team, and since we’ve more than doubled our team this year, it’s a great time for a refresh!

Where to begin? Perhaps with origins.

A third of us were born outside of the United States, with 7.3% born in Germany, 3.6% each in Canada, India, Japan, and the Philippines, and others hailing from China, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, and Taiwan. And nearly 13% are not American citizens.

Those who started their lives in the US were born in states from coast to coast, with the top five being California, Ohio, New York, Indiana, and Minnesota.

In terms of race and ethnicity, the Enervee team is skewed significantly more Asian/Pacific Islander (+241%), multi-ethnicity (+168%) and American Indian/Alaskan Native (+46%) than the US as a whole. And we’re underrepresented for Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American and White/Caucasian, in that order.

Hablas español? And where have you been?

Besides python, SQL and all of the other computer-ese our engineers have mastered – and the alphabet soup of acronyms that our utility sales and policy people banter about – there are a lot of languages spoken at Enervee. In addition to English, 30% have native or at least some modicum of Spanish skills, followed by French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Mandarin. Taken together, about 15% speak some form of Chinese. And there are many others...

...which serves us well when we roam the planet. Less than 8% of the Enervee crew has never been to another country, while over 15% have visited more than 20 countries, including a handful of globetrotters who have experienced 50 to 100 countries. Fun fact: There are 195 countries recognized by the United Nations.

Out of climate change and COVID concerns, people may no doubt think twice before booking their next international adventure, but the age distribution of Enervee employees is probably a key factor in explaining why 77% of us have more modest international exposure (between 2 and 19 countries).

But who are we, really?

We are generally a group of people who are passionate about doing good. But beyond this, we have diverse hobbies, life experiences and things that make each of us special. Let me just share four aspects of our human diversity: 

  • Kids: Nearly 40% of us are already parents, with between 1 and 3 kids each (average of 1.8)
  • Education: Seventy-eight percent of us have a bachelor's degree or higher
  • Hobbies: Top responses are video games, hiking and reading (in that order), followed by cooking and all kinds of "playing". And then there were the less frequent mentions, from "collecting leatherbound books" to "endurance auto racing"...and many more.
  • Responses to my favorite question: What makes you special? To aid your interpretation, I’ve color-coded the responses, with purple covering “sports & entertainment”; red about “things we love”; green, sharing “random personal facts” (such as getting married in a treehouse), and blue about “overcoming adversity”.

To whoever shared the blue box in the top row: I am proud to be your co-worker and so happy you found us!

Enervee continues to hire, so please check out the listings on our careers page