June 2, 2017

Predictive, personalized and partnership-driven.

Accenture’s 2017 New Energy Consumer report digs deep into what utilities need to focus on in order to meet customer expectations and build crucial operating agility for the future, with Enervee’s Marketplace front and center.

Written by
Anne Arquit Niederberger

Customer expectations are now liquid, and challenging energy providers to keep pace with standards set in other industries. In this era of the digitalization of everything, and of hyper-relevant personalization, a relentless obsession with customers is no longer an option. It’s a must.

Successful energy providers are pivoting to new technologies and driving innovation while strengthening their core. They are driving toward a digital operating model that will support future-looking strategies and create new paths to value.

This opening quote from from Accenture’s New Energy Consumer Report 2017 makes the case that a personalized and predictive experience for consumers is essential.

In order to deliver on these expectations, according to Accenture’s companion report, Partner or Perish: “The winners will form diverse partnerships, collaborations and alliances to spur innovation, drive product and service development, accelerate culture change and capture new opportunities.”

Nowhere is this need for partnerships more clearly shown than in the area of non-energy related products and services, insurance, electric vehicles, and home appliances. Across these areas, nearly 2/3 of consumers interviewed wanted to see their utility in value-adding partnerships (see Figure).

Source: Accenture 2017 New Energy Consumer: Partner or Perish.

In short, rather than going it alone, consumers want their utilities to partner in these areas, for a more consistent, relevant and credible proposition. And these are all services that Enervee Marketplace can deliver seamlessly.

It’s no surprise, then, to see Accenture identify Enervee Marketplace as one of just a small handful of truly value-creating innovations driving change for engagement-focused utilities – and as the lead case study when it comes to “Personalized Power” (Partner or Perish, 2017, p.3):

The utility-branded marketplaces powered by Enervee are supported by a seamless, simple and personalized energy management experience platform that supports energy efficiency, demand response and distributed energy resource products and services. The data engine provides a daily updated Enervee Score that creates a baseline for apple-to-apple comparisons of products with different features and capacities. Making it easy for consumers to make energy efficient decisions that save them time and money.

While we’re honored to feature in such prestigious industry thought leadership, we’re also truly excited by the potential in front of utilities today; the potential to become the trusted energy advisor to consumers — across consumer lives, and for life.

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