November 7, 2017

Energy Efficiency Rebates: now instant, easy and everywhere, thanks to Enervee.

Enervee launches its Instant Rebate API, meaning consumers never need go hunting for rebates again.

Written by
Guy Champniss

Two sizeable barriers get in the way of us claiming energy efficiency rebates. First, we’re often not even aware they exist for the product we’re looking at (retailers more often than not fail to show the sizeable savings available for buying super efficient). And second, even if we do see there’s a rebate on offer, the scale of the challenge to actually claim it simply overwhelms us. There’s more to life than chasing a $50 saving on your new washer through what can feel like Kafkaesque layers of bureaucracy.

But both of these barriers are now dismantled — thanks to Enervee extending its unique product and efficiency data further beyond the domain of its own platform.

It’s called Enervee’s Instant Rebate API, and it does exactly what it says on the tin — it delivers all relevant rebate information to any retailer that’s interested, and facilitates the rebate being applied at the moment of purchase.

So it’s technically not even a rebate now — it’s just money off, there and then. That should be of huge interest to consumers (the last time we checked, the interest in free money was still strong).

Enervee Instant Rebate, as currently under development with SDG&E [1]

And it should also be of huge interest to retailers — it represents a significant value-add for shoppers at no cost or disruption to the shopping experience. Utilities should like it too, as it extends the reach of energy efficiency programs to where consumers actually shop, rather than trying to catch-up with them after the event.

Enervee Instant Rebate API — with its triple win for consumers, retailers and utilities — is another step forward for Enervee as we continue to change the way we all as consumers buy for our homes.

[1] Final version of Enervee Instant Rebate API for SDG&E may vary slightly in design.

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