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Kyle Schee7/11/17 12:00 AM2 min read

Enervee announces EDF as its latest Marketplace client

EDF launches the platform Électriscore d’EDF, powered by Enervee Marketplace, serving more than 27 million households across France. For EDF, Électriscore represents the next step in guiding consumers to make energy-smart purchases. For Enervee, the launch further demonstrates the potential of Marketplace within Europe.

Marketplace screenshot

Electriscore d’EDF, powered by Enervee Marketplace

Powered by Enervee Marketplace, EDF Électriscore helps its 27 million customers, and all French consumers, easily and effectively find the most energy efficient household appliances and products for their homes.

Électriscore d’EDF is free and available to anyone, regardless of their energy supplier, further demonstrating EDF’s commitment to drive energy saving at scale.

Stefan Laengin, Vice President Europe, Enervee:

‘We are thrilled to have launched Enervee Marketplace with EDF in France. The platform is built to drive consumer engagement in all aspects of energy efficiency, which in turn places EDF at the centre of their customers’ lives.’

Three features of Enervee Marketplace, which are key to the Électriscore d’EDF, to note:

Enervee Score™ The ‘Energy Score’ (Enervee Score) is an intuitive 0–100 scale that clearly translates a product’s energy efficiency into an easy to understand score. The higher the score, the more efficient the product. Updated daily, and unique to Enervee Marketplace, all products show an Energy Score.

ClearCost™ & YouSave™ Users can compare appliances and electronic goods based on a product’s tailored total cost of ownership — the ClearCost. ClearCost instantly presents an accurate combined purchase and running cost for the machine. If consumers prefer just to look at the savings potential, this is available through the personalised ‘YouSave’ figure.

Product range and offers Marketplace can feature as many product categories as wanted, and all from leading retailers. This gives consumers exceptional choice, familiarity and the best prices.

Matthias Kurwig, CEO, Enervee:

‘Launching Marketplace with Europe’s largest energy company could not be a stronger endorsement for Enervee — both in terms of product and service delivery. Having successfully agreed this relationship with EDF via a Europe-wide tender process, we’re convinced Marketplace is uniquely placed in Europe to transform the relationship between consumers and energy, and in doing so, drive forward the relationship between a utility and its customers.’

Consumers still view energy efficiency as their top unmet need, with over 70% of consumers seeing making their homes more energy efficient as very important to them, and nearly 80% of consumers ready to take steps to increase their efficiency at home (Nielsen, 2015).

Consumers in Europe buy on average 19 energy-consuming products and appliances for their homes each year.