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Enervee9/9/21 12:00 AM3 min read

Enervee Launches New Commerce Platform with Eco Financing®

In an industry first, Enervee recently unveiled our new Commerce platform, featuring an Eco Financing payment option, with a view to transforming consumer product markets at scale. 

  • Enervee Commerce is our transactional online marketplace, where customers can purchase products spanning dozens of categories;
  • Eco Financing allows customers to purchase energy efficient products with no money down and low monthly payments.
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Enervee Commerce orchestrates an efficient shopping ecosystem –  integrating leading retail, lending, manufacturer, and government partners – to bring a turnkey, value-added shopping experience to your customers that leaves them with a more favorable impression of their energy provider. Some of the benefits for utilities include: 

Appreciative, digitally engaged customers

Let’s be frank: Most consumers don’t relish the task of buying home appliances – particularly when an existing device needs to be replaced in a hurry. Time pressure, the need to cough up hundreds to thousands of dollars that were most likely not budgeted for, and lack of familiarity with modern product features and what’s a good deal all conspire to make buying decisions stressful and fraught with risk and complexity.

Enervee’s Commerce platform was designed from the ground up to make better buying decisions simple and compelling. One indication that we’ve succeeded is the fact that between 50% and 86% of customers walk away from their Enervee marketplace experience with a better overall impression of their energy provider. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

Claimable, cost-effective energy savings beyond thermostats and LEDs

Unlike other marketplace offerings, Enervee Commerce spans dozens of product categories, including major appliances and HVAC equipment with the largest savings potential. Enervee Commerce delivers full customer, measure and transactional data needed to perform engineering analysis, as required by technical resource manuals and evaluation frameworks. Our new transactional platform makes it straightforward for utilities to claim energy savings and demand reductions for dozens of product categories.

Cost-effectiveness is another Enervee Commerce hallmark. Eliminating barriers through the online retail channel renders rebates optional. By tapping into normal replacement cycles, relying on our proven Choice Engine technology with Enervee Score to drive better decisions, and making affordable Eco Financing available, customers can follow through on their ambition to buy efficient products that will save money and cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

Seamless, personalized experience integrating all utility priorities

Enervee Commerce is a one-stop shop for all of your customers’ energy-using product purchases and a channel for related utility programs and incentives. It’s the place your customers go to get unbiased advice they can trust. From electrification to integrated EE+DR and even emergency preparedness, our platform has all the boxes checked, for example: 

  • Our electrification categories include all of the typical home appliances and heating and cooling equipment, as well as popular lawn and garden categories, from lawn mowers to pool pumps.
  • While BYOT programs chase customers who have already purchased a thermostat, Enervee seamlessly integrates pre-enrollment in demand response programs into the buying process, making enrollment in utility DR programs the default choice for over 90% of customers.

Empowered income-qualified customers

Beyond bill credits and no-cost direct install programs, you can now give income-constrained households the tools they need to choose and buy new, energy efficient appliances themselves. With Eco Financing, a monthly payment of $15 is all that’s needed to purchase a super-efficient, $750 clothes washer, which will also cut energy and water bills.

Turnkey solution, trusted partners, pay-for-performance

When you contract with Enervee, we do all of the heavy lifting, from customer acquisition to maintaining our Commerce platform and reporting results. We’ve built an efficient shopping ecosystem with trusted partners including national retailer Best Buy and fintech lender One. And our pay-for-performance model means you only pay, when we deliver. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

The bottom line

The launch of Enervee Commerce with integrated Eco Financing represents a considerable advance compared to conventional online utility stores, just in time to fill the gap left behind by rebate programs that are no longer cost-effective. For the first time ever, the 2021 California energy efficiency potential and goals study found zero achievable potential for appliance and plug load rebate programs – which are the main driver of electric load growth. While this may not be the case everywhere yet, the trend is clear.

Reach out for a demo and to learn more.